It all starts with a seat pan, or base. 

The most frequently asked question we get is: Can you build me a full seat for my _______ (insert bike model there)? The short answer is no, we don't build seat pans. The long answer is: We only do upholstery so you will have to figure out which base you are using and then send us that once the mounts and everything are in place and it fits the bike like you want. We build the foam to your specs and a cover that is designed custom for you and your bike. Here is a list of some frequent questions we get, and if yours isn't answered then please feel free to shoot us an email via the contact form! We will always be adding more as time goes on...

Can I get a flat style seat made with the stock seat pan? It really depends on the model of the bike. Some seats we are able to trim off quite a bit of foam and make them pretty thin. Others, not so much. if there is a lot of overhang and the bottom of the seat pan comes up quite a bit to accommodate the fender, then chances are we can only take off a bit of foam.

Can you work with any stock seat pan? Yes, but they need to be in decent shape. We can't work with seat pans that are falling apart and rusty with sharp metal pieces sticking out. They also must be able to accommodate your design for the seat in terms of height and shape. If they are bent or misshapen you can try and straighten them out before sending. 

What material should I build my seat pan out of? Most people send us metal seat pans, but we also occasionally get fiberglass, plastic, or wood. Just make sure that there isn't too much flex and it's strong enough or you could risk your seat pan changing shape or bending/breaking in the process. 

Can I shape my own foam and then send it to you for a discount? Not really. We occasionally allow people to shape their own foam if they are confident that it's done properly and with our approval. We generally don't offer a discount for this because most times we end up having to do cleanup on it and a lot of times it takes the same amount of time as starting from scratch. 

How can I be sure you are going to shape the foam properly to fit my bike? There are many ways to do this. By sending us drawings with measurements, templates to show exact angles, and photos of the side view on the bike, we are always able to get the proper fit! We go back and forth with pictures until you are satisfied. This is a truly custom process. 

What do you recommend, leather or vinyl? We use both! If it's a dirt bike, or a bike that is ridden very often and left outside in the elements for long periods of time then we recommend vinyl for the most part. Leather does take a little bit more care and attention to make sure its able to dry and occasionally may need to be oiled. 

Can you waterproof my seat? No, in our experience we don't recommend the water proofing of seams and stitching like some other companies may. The problem is when moisture gets in (it inevitably will) then it stays in much longer because a waterproofed seat is not very breathable. We have opened up "waterproof" seats and found wetness and mold on numerous occasions. If a seat gets wet, you simply take it off the bike and allow it to dry in a warm place overnight and that usually takes care of it. 

Can you embroider my seat? We have a source that can do it for us, you would just send us the file that you wanted and agree to pay whatever they charge, we don't upcharge for this, unless we have to do design work.